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New Farm QLD, Australia Bar & Restaurant

Project Information

Size | 125m2
Completion | May2015
Photography | Full Frame

Project Team
Design | One Alliance Project Consulting
Construction | JBM Projects


Farrier is the latest addition to Brisbane’s growing small bar scene. This unique design was informed by the original use of the basement space at the Queens Arms Hotel, as a horse stable, and is now purveyor of the bar name and concept. The driving force in the design was to accentuate the beautiful character of the space whilst being sympathetic to its history and minimising impact to the original heritage fabric. A branded lightbox wall within the lobby entrance integrates the key material elements of black steel, charred timber and warm orange lighting, creating a dramatic entrance piece to the space and sets the tone of what’s to come. Custom designed laser cut screens, made from raw black steel, harbour a great natural, rustic quality.   High bars with integrated lighting frame and enhance the historic brick and sandstone fabric of the space, with their pattern inspired by the veins of burning coals, which a Farrier would use in blacksmithing to make horse shoes.  These screens and warm indirect lighting create an interesting play on light and texture,  creating a dramatic and distinctive atmosphere. The charred timber cladding, a unique and ancient technique developed by the Japanese called “Shou Sugi Ban”, is used throughout the space to represent the notion of burning coals and creates an unusual contrasting texture to the brick and stone work. A similar technique  was used on the stone bar to create a one-of-a-kind matt leather texture by flaming and then brushing the stone. Unique horse photography, historical Farrier artefacts and quirky furniture that combine retro chic with textural hairy goat leather stools and rustic timber and metal tables complete the concept.

Unique Project Features
  • Retained the existing heritage fabric of the stables and accentuated its character
  • Unique charred timber finishes, utilising a traditional Japanese technique
  • Custom designed laser cut screen patterns in raw black steel
  • Distinctive stone to bar with unusual leather textured finish
  • Small commercial late night supper kitchen
Significant Achievements
  • Staging of construction works and future proofing for changes when the new adjacent hotel is integrated into the QA Hotel
  • Coordination of services through a heritage listed building
  • Maintaining constant trade through to upstairs bar and commercial kitchen, whilst integrating into existing services
  • Reinvigorating a rundown space to make it more efficient and inviting
  • Activation of outdoor area that was previously for BOH services.



Concept Design
Design Development
Working Drawings
  • “This project started out as an inkling of an idea for a late night underground supper club.

    One Alliance Project Consulting has nurtured that idea into the final ‘Farrier’ themed bar, bringing a unique personality to the space that has complimented and enhanced the original use of the space as a horse stable. The unique finishes, furniture, artwork, brand and the entire concept work together seamlessly.

    The One Alliance Project Consulting team has done an exceptional job on Farrier, from our very early concept ideas right through to working with JBM Projects on the final construction of the space.”

    Chris Condon – Owner of Queens Arms Hotel

    Farrier – Late Night Supper Club