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Gold Coast QLD, Australia
Retail | Kiosk

Project Information

Size | 10m2
| May2015
Photography | Scott Shirley Photography

Project Team
| One Alliance Project Consulting
Construction | JBM Projects


PTC Mobile Accessories engaged One Alliance Project Consulting to develop a sculptural design for their new retail kiosk.

With a consistent design across their multiple kiosks, we were asked to push the standard design much further to create a one of a kind sculptural show piece for the mobile phone accessories and repairs kiosk.

Our mobile phones are highly precious with their contents considered very sacred – our design approach was to draw on the concepts of protection, armour and seed pods and to create organic, wrapping forms inspired by nature.

Rising up from the surface, an encapsulating layer of robust and rigged raw steel provides vital protection from the harsh retail environment. Layering an additional barrier on top of the fragmented timber structure, the outer shell dramatically emphasises the act of armouring something that is precious and delicate. Providing refuge for the seamless glass ‘gems’ to float freely in the safety of the pod.

Dynamic sliding ‘pods’ showcase premium products above the main show case, introducing a level of interaction between staff and customer, inspired by the iPhone ‘swipe’ interface design. Large display leaves that slide and fold, hang on a rear wall behind the kiosk to dynamically display iPad cases.

Unique Project Features
  • Challenging the mould of a traditional kiosk retail offer.
  • Sliding glass display boxes designed to reference the product at hand.
  • Dynamic sliding and folding display leafs on rear wall has enticed clientele.
  • Perforated black core decorative panelling raw steel detailing.
  • Angulating joinery base provides an exciting sculptural retail experience.
Significant Achievements
  • Maintaining effective storage in an unusual shape effectively.
  • Activation of a small tenancy foot print through dynamic interactive design.



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